This set was built to accomodate stop motion animation puppets but live actors could also be composited in using blue screen tcchniques.

The brief was to create a garret space for a book loving poet. The triangular roof and slanted lines increase the sense of cramped student accommodation.

As it was built for a stop motion animation film everything in this set is extremely sturdy and all the props firmly tied down.


In Rose’s room, also created for a stop-motion animation film, the brief was to created a feeling of airy spaciousnes, with soft tones and sumptuous antique furniture.

Again all of the props are firmly attached to the set to avoid movement as the animator animates the puppet. Tie-down holes in the floor are hidden by the carpet. The hinges on the door and wardrobe are made from lead to allow for precise incremental movement.


This is an example of shooting a set against a blue screen background for a film.The sky, middle distance hills and distant mountains were all photographed and composited in separately to give a greater feeling of depth to the scene

The main aim with this set was to capture the feeling of lush,bright verdure in a park on a hot day in May.


This is a shot of the gates of hell from the opening scene “The Demon Within”. The sets for this film, like the puppets, were highly caricatured.

As the film was based in hell the colour palette was limited to red, black and yellow and all of the textures were stone, lava and blackened metal.




The rocks in Tantalus’s cave were all carved out of a dense polystyrene foam.

The branch has an aluminium wire core to allow it to be animated in precise movements up or down as it tempts Tantalus and then swings back up out of his reach.



In this set the ground is made from a dense polystyrene foam which allows the puppet's feet to be pinned into it as he moves along.

The lava is all under lit to give it a glowing effect as it flows. Silhouettes of other demons and monsters were also thrown up upon the back-lit screen behind the set.



This set is actually a fantasy architectural model that was built to resemble an oil painting.