ERUTAN - the fire-dragon

is a puppet that was designed for a film about elemental dragons. Standing one metre high this marionette has a fibreglass skeleton, moveable features and a flexible skin. Smoke emanates from his nostrils. Fire could be composited in using CGI techniques.



A caricature puppet, designed for use in theatre productions. This marionette walks 36cm tall, and was cast in foam and latex from a plaster mould to allow for future reproduction.






is a stop-motion animation puppet, designed and created for the short film "Bare". Cast over a ball and socket armature this 34 cm puppet screws firmly into the set and can be animated by tiny movements over a long period of time. Her features are manipulated using plasticene.





Another example of highly expressive puppets created for a stop motion animation film. In this case the puppets' feet were made of rubber and could be pinned into the foam set underneath.




This is the kind of puppet that could make it anywhere - in live performances, on television, theatre productions, even on film. A 90cm hand puppet made from light foam Pappy was originally designed and created for a college music video.