Paper Plane Creations is all about story telling through visual media.

Our company ethos is about sharing knowledge, developing creativity and making concepts a reality.

To this end Paper Plane Creations operates both as a film production company and a model-making facility.


Paper Plane Creations was founded in July 2004 by Jane Lee. Jane worked as a model-maker/ mould-maker in Dublin, Cork and San Francisco before making her first film, “The Demon Within”. Making the film gave her the chance to collaborate with some highly talented artists, designers, technicians and musicians in Cork which formed the basis of her company


As a model making company our range is vast - we can make props for low budget theatre shows to high quality designs for film productions.

Items we have made before include props, puppets, sets, masks, sign-boards, parade costumes, publicity paraphernalia, hand casts of loved ones, models and moulds.



As a film company we can deal with both live actors or animated figures to make short films, commercials or music videos. We can work to a script or could develop a basic concept for you.

If you need a snappy colourful ident or an innovative ad, please contact us for further details.



Don’t feel, however, that you have to be a film or theatre company in order to contact us. Paper Plane Creations also takes on personal or commercial commissions.

Such commissions include making signage for various businesses, moulds for decorative plaster moulding and paraphernalia for events. We have also cast the hands of loved ones and designed individual sculptures.


All of our products are custom-made with care, imagination and attention to detail. If you need anything made contact us for a quote.